Code Intelligence For Software Supply Chain Security

An AI-powered code intelligence platform that generates software bill of materials (SBOM) directly from application binaries to firmware images and continuously protects by integrating to the software supply chain lifecycle.

Gain Trust and Compliance in Your Software Supply Chain

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    What is inside your software?

    There is no need for source code! Deepbits analyzes and generates SBOMs for every software, listing the ingredients used to build it. This improves visibility and accountability of the software supply chain, enabling a quick response to known and new risks.

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    Are they good or bad?

    Deepbits conducts code quality analysis, evaluates developer reputation, and analyzes tamper attempts on the components found in your software. It identifies abandonware, malicious packages, vulnerable packages, and other risks before your software is deployed into production.

  • Become Compliant with just a few clicks!

    Deepbits helps you manage your compliance needs related to SBOMs, which have arisen due to regulations such as Executive Order 14028, FDA Cybersecurity in Medical Devices, and IoT Cybersecurity labeling for consumers.


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    Release with peace of mind

    Could your development team have identified all compliance and license dependency issues during the build process? Deepbits is capable of scanning pre-production and production software bundles or images to ensure compliance, providing an additional layer of assurance before the software is delivered to customers.

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    Enhance your procurement decisions with greater intelligence

    Are you taking compliance and security into account when buying software products? With Deepbits, you can uncover any vulnerabilities or other risks in your software supply chain and make informed decisions.

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    Achieve greater efficiency in your operations

    Do you face challenges with known and emerging threats in your applications? Deepbits integrates with threat feeds to provide ongoing analysis and monitoring of your applications, identifying any potential new threats.




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