Code Intelligence For Software Supply Chain Security

An AI-powered code intelligence platform that generates SBOMs directly from application binaries to firmware images and continuously protects by integrating to the software supply chain lifecycle.

Bottom-up SBOM-powered Software Supply Chain Security

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    Complete Visibility by integrating into the Software Lifecycle

    No need of source code ! Generate software bill of materials directly from binary code.

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    Triage Every Application or Firmware Image at Scale

    With the patented Code AI technology, Deepbits leverages deep learning to efficiently match every application, cloud instance, or firmware image against known libraries, malware, vulnerabilities at function level, library level or whole binary level.


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    Release with confidence

    Has your Dev team identified all the compliance and license dependency issues during build? Deepbits can check against the all pre-production and production software bundles or images ensuring compliance before delivering to customers.

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    Make smarter purchasing decisions

    Have you considered compliance and security as one factor when purchasing software products? Use Deepbits to expose all weakness in your software supply chain and make decisions accordingly.

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    Operate more efficiently

    Are you struggling with known and new threats in your applications? Deepbits integrates with threat feeds to continuously analyze and monitor your applications to locate any new threats.